Sprint: Awful Things Can Happen At Any Time

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26 March 2015 to 26 March 2014 at 8pm

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Part of Sprint 2015

Presented by mingbeast
This performance is a work-in-progress

We’ve all touched and embraced despair and we’ve been to that place, you all know it, but were still here and we owe that to the music, its because of the music that were all still here.

Ixchel and Gemma feel awful and want to be in a band. Neither of us are trained musicians. We’re asking what really is the worst that can happen and how does music help you cope when it does?

And wed all feel like one big mass pulsing in rhythm, like we could do anything, like everything was going to be ok. Wed forget everything and feel like this big writhing beast floating on air, like we didn’t have individual minds but this one shared sense of being.

About the company

mingbeast is a performance company making new works for studio spaces.  We devise performance that plays with language and narrative, the make-shift and the inept. We are interested in artifice, aspiration, twenty-first century therapies, ultra-competitiveness and allowing everything to get out of control – if only for a moment. We often collaborate with other artists both in the UK and abroad.

mingbeast's previous show, Ghostland Cinema, was part of Sprint 2014.




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