Sprint: Adventure 1

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6 March 2015 to 29 March 2014 at Sign up to find out full details

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Part of Sprint 2015

Presented by Coney
Please note, this is an off-site event 

You’ll be tailing someone who works in the heart of the financial system. You’ll need to blend into the city around you, so that you don’t draw attention. We don’t have permission to be doing this. We don’t have permission to be here. What happens next – well, that’s up to you.

Adventure 1 is the first of a planned set of adventures by Coney taking place in London’s financial district, exploring our relationship to the city and the financial crisis. You’ll need a smartphone, and your wits about you.

Adventure 1 happens on weekend afternoons in March. You need to sign up to find out when. The exact location is only revealed as you begin.

To sign up to receive more information about Adventure 1: www.tinyurl.com/adventureoneconey


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