Spectrum: A Monthly Open Space Event

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Mon 9 Oct & Mon 6 Nov at 6:30pm

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Presented by Cloud Dance Festival

Work in the arts and have topics you’d like to discuss or share with others? Then come along to our new monthly open space event which is open to all: raise issues, ask questions, offer advice, share skills, ask for feedback and network with other industry professionals.

Modelled on Newcastle’s successful monthly open space event SHOAL, this is an opportunity for people in any artform to come together to talk and brainstorm, bounce ideas off each other and share: open space is a method offering participants to set their own agendas and topics of discussion with like-minded people. There isn’t a set agenda or theme for this event, as the agendas and themes will be set by YOU. It’s a great opportunity to find collaborators, get answers to questions you’ve been mulling over, tackle issues and use others as sounding boards.

For more information on what open space events are, check out the video below.

Please book in advance if possible so we have an idea of how many people to expect.

About the company

Through Cloud Dance Festival – originally a platform for independent dance artists – I focus on artist support and development and research a range of issues affecting independent artists, including ways of facilitating discussions to effect change in the independent sector. I’m also the Chair of IDMN, an independent dance producers’ network.

www.cloud-dance-festival.org.uk | @clouddancefest

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