Spaces by Lao Lee

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23 - 25 Feb at 19:30

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£5/ 3 (conc.)

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Presented by UCLU Musical Theatre Society

Spaces tells the story of 2 couples in their final year at university, and deals with questions of truth, identity, and love. Clem and Eva are a same-sex couple facing the struggles of balance and commitment. The idealistic Eva versus pragmatic and down-to-Earth Clem come to terms with the fact that sometimes opposites don’t attract. On the other hand, Michael and Millie develop as a couple through the course of the musical, having previously dated but broken up when Michael took a year abroad. Their journey follows their reconnection and the piecing together of their relationship. Spaces is a deeply relatable, honest and moving show about the struggles of love, coming of age and self-growth in today’s society.

About the artist

UCLU Musical Theatre Society is a wonderful, inclusive, and beautifully diverse society that is aiming to provide top quality productions of classic musicals as well as original pieces. Spaces is setting the scene of Musical Theatre New Writing, we are hoping to be trailblazers in our #art.

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