No Direction Home: Some Day Dominion

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Fri 2 Nov at 9pm

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£12/10 (conc.)

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Featured in No Direction Home: a festival exploring displacement, migration and refuge  Browse the full line-up here

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Presented by Kitty Fedorec with The Misters of Circe

Some Day Dominion is the making of a mix tape. It is becoming an apex predator. It is the same song being played again and again at different points in time and place.
Sitting between live art, dance, ritual and gig, Some Day Dominion utilises found movement, nostalgia, story telling, phonomancy and live music from gender-fucked tribute, The Misters of Circe to create a protective pocket goth world, beyond borders.

It is a ritual to take on the mantle of shaman and protector. It is a boombox from the year the Berlin Wall came down. It is a game of Risk played on a shifting map. It is a slogan that shouts for the restoration of an idealised state that never existed, but the shadow of which makes you afraid. It is doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results. It is an acknowledgement of vulnerability. It is a face that shines.

This production may contain nudity, haze and loud noises. 


About the company

Kitty Fedorec is a dance artist and perpetual teenage-goth. Her work is informed by her relationship with mental health and neuro-divergence. It looks at the need of humans to control their environments, internal and external, and its expression through a spectrum of rituals, compulsions and religious practices.

The Misters of Circe are a gender non-conforming Sisters of Mercy tribute. | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | #SomeDayDominon #SomeDay #Dominion

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