Sing It! Spirit of Envy

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Mon 21 Nov & Fri 25 Nov at 7-10PM & From 6PM

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Sing it! Spirit of Envy! is a participatory event that culminates in a public choral performance inspired by Envy.

The project runs alongside Rachel Mars’ touring production, Our Carnal Hearts, which is performing at Camden People’s Theatre from 24th – 25th Of November as part of our all-new gig/theatre festival, All The Right Notes.

Sing It! Spirit of Envy!  is a song piece about greed and envy, solo pursuits and communal contentment.  Made anew with a pop-up choir of local singers wherever it travels, it puts two joyfully waggling fingers up to glib, economic politico-bull-speak.

The piece is an original composition by Verity Standen, with further arrangements by Eilidh MacAskill and Louise Mothersole.

Sing it! Spirit of Envy! creates a local pop up choir who provide the lyrical content for the short choral piece, which they then perform with Rachel Mars (lyricist) and composer Louise Mothersole. The song itself lasts about 6 minutes, and is high energy, very funny and accessible.

Who’s it for?

It is open to anybody and everybody – a group of interested people to members of a local choir. There is absolutely no experience required and we learn by ear (i.e. no sight reading).

How does it work?

  1. Research/lyric gathering: Interested participants will send through a list of things they have envied to [email protected]. These are then woven into the choral piece by Rachel Mars to create a new lyric specific to this group of participants and location.
  2. Rehearsal: A three-hour rehearsal on the 21 Nov before the public performance with composer Louise Mothersole and Rachel Mars.
  3. Performance: The choir will then perform on the 25th November.

For an idea of what the end result might be there is footage from the performance at the Royal Court Tottenham – though please bear in mind this is a very experienced choir in a slightly more formal setting than previous events.






Sing it! Spirit of Envy! premiered at BUZZCUT 2014 and has featured at Forest Fringe (Edinburgh), The Lyric Hammersmith, Machynlleth Comedy Festival, Royal Court Tottenham and the Fusebox Festival, Austin.

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