Silence! The Court is in Session

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THu 14 - Sat 16 Feb 2019 at 7.30pm

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£8/5 (conc.)

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Presented by UCL Garage Theatre

Prisoner Miss BEAUMOND, pay the closest attention. The crimes you have committed are most terrible. There is no forgiveness for them. Your sin must be expiated. Irresponsibility must be chained down. Social customs, after all, are of supreme importance. Marriage is the very foundation of our society’s stability. Motherhood must be sacred and pure. This court takes a serious view of your attempt to dynamite all this. It is the firm opinion of this court that your behaviour puts you beyond mercy. And, what is more, the arrogance with which you conducted yourself in society, having done all these things, that arrogance is the most unforgivable thing of all!”

A rag-tag group of amateur theatre performers prepare to stage a mock trial in a small town, but disaster strikes when a cast-member does not show up. A local stagehand is enlisted as a replacement, and an improvised rehearsal is organised to teach the novice the rules of the court. However, things quickly spiral out of control.

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