Camden Fringe: Sh*t Happens

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Wed 14 - Sun 18 August 2019 at 7.15 pm (5.30pm Sun 18 Aug)

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£10/8 (conc.)

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Part of Camden Fringe 2019: London’s Alternative to Edinburgh Fringe. To view the rest of the programme, click here

We will sell tickets on the door from one hour before the event is due to start, subject to availability. 

Presented by Patrycja Dynowska

Clinical space. A toilet seat. Smile. Suffer. Hide. Repeat.

No one sees the struggle unless it’s visible.

How many times did you walk into a public toilet after someone and couldn’t stand the smell? How many times did you curse or call someone names because they occupied the toilet for too long? Has the thought of them having a serious chronic disease ever crossed your mind? I bet it didn’t.

Sh*t Happens is a multidisciplinary performance exploring the taboos and challenges of living with Inflammatory Bowel Disease, drawing on personal experience of one of the more than 300,000 people currently affected in the UK.

The performance deals with the awkward and often embarrassing subject in a light and humorous way that is not deprived of its importance and seriousness. Through the use of technology, autobiographical stories and poetry, the spectator gradually discovers the inconvenient aspects of living with an invisible disease.

From the obvious medical symptoms to what may seem unthinkable or even silly to a ‘normal’ person, Sh*t Happens takes you on a journey to a familiar yet unknown world.

About the Company

Patrycja is a London-based performer and theatre maker. Trained in physical and experimental theatre (Grotowski, Suzuki, Odin Teatret, Chekhov), her practice is inspired by personal events that aim to challenge the perception of the spectator. Together with Theodor Spiridon, she is part of The Collective.

Writer/ Performer Patrycja Dynowska
Director Theodor Spiridon
Stage Design Helen Hebert
Composer Meg Ella Brookes
Sound Engineer Oli Morgan
Producer Jemma Rowlston

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Image credit (c) Nathanael Bennett

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