Shape Of Things To Come: Person Spec

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Saturday 2nd October at 9pm

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Part of our Shape Of Things To Come night: featuring eye-catching works-in-progress alongside short but perfectly formed new shows.  Click here to view the full line-up. 

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In any Sprint festival, there’s a dizzying mix of the brand new, the hot-off-the-press and the not-yet-finished, coming at you in all shapes and sizes. Our ‘Shape of Things to Come’ nights feature eye-catching works-in-progress alongside short but perfectly formed new shows. Put ‘em together in a triple-bill, and you get a Saturday night to remember: three artists, three performances, and blazing new ideas taking shape before your eyes.

Presented by Forest Sounds


In Person Spec you’re invited to help interview an excited candidate for an exciting new job role! Hopefully they’re up to it (and you are too)! 

Person Spec is about work. It’s about zero-hour contracts, unemployment, uberisation, discrimination, and so-called ‘unskilled labour’. It’s about the new relationships with work that have emerged for all of us. It’s about how we cope with needing to prove that our labour is valuable. It’s about what we ask of ourselves and each other. It’s about all the things that our high school career advisors never predicted. 


The company don’t believe there is any content to consider in this performance.


The company don’t believe there is any health warnings in this performance.

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Forest Sounds Theatre began in 2015 as a Resident Company at Theatre Deli in Sheffield. We’ve taken work all over the UK. State of the Arts said in our last show, “I found myself in a room full of almost strangers, giddy with the possibility of positive human interaction”. | Twitter: @forest_sounds| Instagram: forestsoundstheatre  | #personspec 

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