September 11th

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Wed 15 - Fri 17 Feb at 9pm

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£10 / 8 (conc)

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Part of our Spring 2017 season, running from January – June 2017. Why not take advantage of our double bill ticket offer – two shows on the same night for just £16. Simply add the shows into your basket, and we’ll do the rest! Browse our full programme here.

Presented by Red Zone Theatre


Fear. Paranoia. Vulnerability. Iraqi fugitive Kuhel Khalid invites you to discover a patchwork of his memories from Iraq, in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, and how his sense of self was suddenly subverted by a new Western stigma: terrorist.

From the streets of Baghdad to a London Stage, experience a perspective rarely given voice to, through a physical performance dealing with issues of Arab Identity in the World  today.

“Who are we? Who can we trust? Are things really as they seem?”

This controversial, raw play looks to challenge our assumptions about who and what a terrorist is, and how such people are created. It explores the complex relationship between terrorism and government agencies, a constant and chaotic collaboration which has resulted in the death, suffering and displacement of millions of people around the world.

Performed by a multicultural cast of new migrants and refugees, expect this highly visual play to surprise you, shock you, confuse you and leave you with more questions than you had before.

“How many thousands of car bombs have exploded in Iraq since 2003? How many Muslim lives have been lost in Syria? Libya? Somalia? This is a direct consequence of America’s failed foreign policy. Why is America blaming our community for a situation that it created?” Director Kuhel reflect on the Muslim ban in America ahead of September 11th. Read the blog here.

Post-show Q&A on 16 and 17 Feb

With an increasing amount of people being displaced from their countries, the discussion about refugees is becoming ever more prominent in our daily discourse. Can art and it’s practice help these often voiceless people? We invite you to a post-show Q&A session with prominent figures of Refugee Arts today, to discuss their vision and the potential for their practise to  empower, council or simply allow a moment of respite to some of the most vulnerable inidviduals in our society today.



About the Company

Red Zone Theatre was created in 2004 in Baghdad by Iraqi director, Kuhel Khalid. The name was chosen in the contrast to the “Green Zone”, the safe quarters of the city where the American Army and government officials were based. Due to its contentious name, the company was forbidden from being registered in Iraq; however, Khalid continued to use the name and performed his plays in the streets of his home country. After being forced to flee Iraq, he has now created the UK branch of Red Zone, and continues to work on his theatrical vision both in London and Iraq.


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