Score (past)

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15 April 2015 to 17 April 2014 at 7.30pm

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Presented by Documental Theatre 

“Couldn’t you just rob my white goods like a normal skank?”
“I tried! Your microwave was too heavy!”

Score is a drama with singing about friendship, dognapping, two-part harmonies and heroin.

It’s inspired by the frank and funny interviews with young mums who overcame addiction to regain their children from care (original study by Bournemouth University Social Sciences Faculty). It’s the story of two unquenchable women, Hannah and Kirsty, childhood mates with a score to settle…

Hannah is an X Factor aficionado with a mile-a-minute mouth, a ten-year-old daughter and a low-level heroin habit. Her childhood friend, Kirsty, who has never “picked up”, is pulled along in her slipstream days before giving birth. 

Two years later they meet at a child contact centre. Hannah’s in recovery and Kirsty is in anger management. Hannah joins the contact centre choir to replace one kind of score with another, but she’s the last person Kirsty wants to harmonise with. Life without a habit is far from routine… 

“A wonderfully assured piece of theatre” EXEUNT
"Raw, gritty and urgent. Score crackles with humanity"  ALISTAIR GANLEY, ARTISTIC DIRECTOR EXETER NEW THEATRE

"Entertaining and edifying" The Fix Magazine
"A wonderful show" Exeunt ****


About the company

Documental Theatre tells the stories of families living at the sharp end of public policy through funny, vivid musical or physical theatre. Score is written by Ronald Duncan Award winner, Lucy Bell, and directed by Stephanie Kempson (assistant director on Sally Cookson's critically acclaimed Jane Eyre). Actors Lara Simpson and Kathleen Fitzpatrick Milton have "beautiful soulful voices" (EXEUNT)

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