Salvation: Shamanic Striptease

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Tue 12 Sep at 9pm

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£12 / 10 (conc)

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Part of Come As You Are, a three-week festival interrogating and celebrating gender from cis to trans, from binary to beyond. The festival runs from Tue 12 Sep – Sun 1 Oct. Take advantage of our double bill ticket offer, and book two different shows on the same night for just £16! Simply add the tickets into your basket and we’ll do the rest.

Presented by Daniel P Cunningham & Mark J Hamilton


On a mission to heal London, one lap dance at a time.
A man of milk and honey, from Kwa-Zulu Natal in South Africa,
He dreamt in black and white but now he bleeds rainbow.
Tasting his past, confront your present.

“Ingest me, test me, now your mind’s so free.
I said scream if you want to go faster”.

sugar-coated, soft-core, polylingual
stand-up, lie-down, roll-over, beg-for-more
loud-beats, wild-dancing

Salvation: Shamanic Striptease exposes Daniel’s body, voice and memories as a healing process extended to audiences. It uses ‘black’ and ‘white’ movement vocabularies to interrogate his white African identity. The legacies of Apartheid and Mandela’s Rainbow Nation flow through him where they intercept his queer sexuality.

Shamanic Striptease explores sexual desire as a conductor of spiritual longing. It mingles lap-dancing with incantations evoking ethnic, cultural and gender liberation.

Musicians: Azi Khatiri and Lilac Taie

Developed in relationship with the Battersea Arts Centre

Video Art work developed alongside this work

About the artists

Daniel Cunningham is a white African performance artist born in Kwa Zulu Natal. He performed internationally in award-winning work with Teatr ZAR, resident company of the Grotowski Institute, in Paris, Edinburgh and London, and on tours to Spain, Georgia and Turkey. He led his own collective SoundBoxed (2013-2016), performing across London at Theatre Delicatessen, Rich Mix, CPT, Barbican and New Diorama. In 2016, he began a solo performance practice centred on converting the complexities of his intercultural and queer life experiences into a healing work of art.

Dan’s principle collaborator in this work is Mark James Hamilton. In New Zealand, Mark spent a decade as the key creative collaborator of Mika, a queer Māori performer, who uses new haka to challenge gender roles. Mark’s work explores the interface of dance and martial arts, masculinity and femininity, exotica and erotica. | Facebook | Instagram@Cunningham1Dp | #shamanicstriptease | #CPTCAYA

Image credit – Birdman Foxglove

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