Sacre Blue!

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Thu 05 Nov 2015 to Fri 06 Nov 2015 at 9pm

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£12 / 10

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Presented by Zoe Murtagh & Victoria Copeland

Part of 'Fitter Happier More Productive': a selection of cutting-edge artists respond to the cult of self-betterment, and explore how it feels to be imperfect in its shadow.

Sacrѐ Blue is a solo performance piece confronting anxiety through poetry & storytelling. An uplifting performance about panic attacks based on personal experience and shared stories. It’s a bubble bath, a protest, a slice of toast, a balloon. There’ll be punk music, popcorn and some clumsily explained analysis of neural pathways. Let’s make something happen, even if it is just in this room right now. We like to think of it as being a bit like a riot organised by your Nan.

Winner of the 2015 Title Pending prize for new theatre.

About the company

Zoe is a performance artist based in Newcastle upon Tyne. Her work is vibrant, interactive and often takes a little while to clear away. Inspired by punk music, science lessons, 60’s films and Kate Bush's dancing, she often works with her best friend and co-deviser Victoria Copeland to create work that is fun, insightful and will put a little bit of fire (and cake) in your belly.

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