The Revolution Will Be Improvised

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2-4 Feb at 19:30

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£5/ 3 (conc.)

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Presented by The Blank Slates – UCLU Comedy Club


Picture the scene: the apocalypse has taken place. A harsh regime has taken over. Comedy has been banned. All the comedians of London are now in hiding – hiding in Camden People’s Theatre to be exact. There, they reminisce about the glorious past, when making a fool of yourself on stage would not earn you a lifetime jail sentence. They dream of a future when laughter will once again be restored, but it seems hopeless.

UNTIL “Hero” enters the picture, bold, brave and head of the revolution to bring back comedy. Will they succeed? The audience decides.

The Revolution will be Improvised is a dystopian improvised play. It’s up to the audience to come up with the apocalyptic event, the name of the “Hero” and other details that will drive the plot. There’s no script, no fixed characters, and each night the show will be entirely different.

About the company

Founded just five years ago, The Blank Slates are UCL’s resident improv troupe. Now with four Edinburgh Fringe runs under their belt, they have previously improvised their way through a courtroom drama and superhero play, amongst other things.

Reviews for previous shows

“A hidden gem”  ★★★★ EdFringeReview

“A stroke of genius”★★★★★  Pi Media

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