Remember Me

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Wed 18 May at 9pm

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£8 (work in progress)

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Presented by Tin Can People

The smell of Rock & Roll is stained within the denim and thick within the smoke. The music is always loud, the drums, even louder! Rock & Roll will never die and we will be remembered.

3 performers exploring the layers of a live gig; the sweat, the anticipation, the noise, the competition, the egos, the rebellion, the mainstream and the image. We really are rock stars in Remember Me and what we are presenting is completely ironic. Welcome to our little soirée. Tonight, we will go down in history!

Catch Remember Me in a double bill with The Joke – two shows for just £16!

About the company

Tin Can People are a theatre & performance company based in Preston that have created performances for studios and intimate works for sited spaces such as pubs, kitchens and museums. The company are currently developing Remember Me and consist of Charlotte Berry, Rob Gregson & Chloe Stollery.

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