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Sat 30 January at Throughout the day

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Katy has just invested a lot of time and money in an exciting new look for herself – out are the dresses, skirts, bangles and hoop earrings and in are the trousers, boots and shaved hair.
In order to totally  invest in this new look she will be selling her entire wardrobe – basically all the  clothes and accessories she owns which don’t quite match with the new look Katy.
This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get some superb bargains and most excitingly of all there is no need to bring any cash – just a simple exchange of ideas is all that is needed to purchase one of her lovely items.
So get rid of those January blues and visit Katy’s clothes and accessories stall – everything must go!

Katy was award £750 from CPT as part of the People’s Theatre Award in 2015 toward the first six months of her new project, ReDress.  Read Katy’s blog about the project here.

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