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Fri 29 - Sat 30 Jan at 9pm-11pm / 2pm-4pm

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Part of Whose London Is It Anyway?, a festival of theatre, performance and discussion exploring the changing face of our capital city.

Presented by Permanently Visible

Please note, this is an off-site performance.

The red phone box: the iconic London image.  When was the last time you stepped inside one? And who did you call?  Or did you just take a picture and tweet it, #RedPhoneBox?

With red phone box numbers depleting, those that are left in London appear to have been hijacked by camera-wielding tourists and cards advertising babes with blurry boobs…. We remember when a red phone box got you prank calls and that dreaded phone call home.

What do you remember?  Have you ever used one? What does the iconic red phone box mean to you?

Join Permanently Visible in reclaiming the red phone box for a one-on-one, intimate experience – a conversation, one might say. Whether it’s a confessional or a rant, that conversation you wished you’d had, or you’re a phone box virgin dying to give it a go… how will you spend your 3 minutes?  What will you say?

This free event is a chance for Londoners to reclaim the red phone box, reopening a channel of communication that’s dwindling due to advances in technology and the rise of the Millennial generation, whose smart phones are an extension of their limbs, minds and personalities. Come on down to our specially allocated red phone box for an anonymous opportunity to share your memories, stories and issues…step inside and when it rings, answer.

Please note: conversations may be recorded and we plan to film parts of this event for promotional purposes and potential use in a future show. To maintain anonymity, vocal recordings will not be paired with visuals of the same person and you will be able to opt out of filming on the day.

About the company

Permanently Visible aim to create work that gives voice to those suffering in silence; to evoke social change and challenge audience perceptions.  Blending a combination of performance vices and styles with audience interaction to make tough issues audience accessible, they like making work out-with the conventions of a normal performance space. Their show Hula House, about sex work, was part of CPT’s ‘Calm Down, Dear’ festival of feminism in autumn 2015.


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