Rebel Choir: Sing for Resistance! Sing for Change!

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Sat 21 April at 5pm

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Part of Common People: the working class theatre festival. Browse the full programme here. Take advantage of our double bill ticket offer, and book two different shows on the same night for just £16! Simply add the tickets into your basket and we’ll do the rest. Common People runs from Tue 17 – Sat 28 April.

Rebel Choir is running a workshop for Common People at Camden People’s Theatre to generate songs and ideas for making our MAY DAY SUPER CHOIR.

We want to join choirs, activists, families and community members together to create A WALL OF SOUND on and around May Day, in solidarity with workers all over London, the U.K. and the world.

We are singing to be paid adequately.

We are singing for sick pay – why do we live in a society where you are not allowed to be sick?

We are singing for mothers who don’t have a wage for their full time job, and are even expected to do an ACTUAL full time job on top of that, as the welfare state is continuously attacked.

We are singing for Surplus Value – why in the care and arts sector are we expected to do hours and hours of unpaid work?



RSVP if you are planning on coming: [email protected]

NB: Recommended donation £3-5 towards the organisation/ materials for the May Day event.

About the company

Rebecca W Morris is a singer, performer and poet who runs the Rebel Choir. It is a roving, political choir, born and grown in the Focus E15 space in Stratford, London but with no fixed abode. Open to all – appearing in community and political spaces around London, such as LARC, DIY Space & The Field. Our remit is to turn up to strikes, pickets, national political events AND CREATE A WALL OF SOUND. The Rebel Choir has invited activists and members of the community connected to this campaign to come together regularly to sing political songs, old and new. | Facebook

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