Raising the Skirt Test

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21st October at 6pm

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Part of Calm Down, Dear 2015

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A project founded by Nicola Canavan in collaboration with Dawn Felicia Knox
Please note, this event is suitable for 18+ and contains explicit imagery 

‘La mar es posa bona si veu el cony d’una dona’, is a Catalan belief in the vagina, translated as ‘the sea calms down if it sees a woman’s cunt’.

The gesture of lifting the skirt has been translated across the world. It is known as Anasyrma or Ana-Suromai (Ancient Greek), Anlu (Kom Communities) and many others. A flash of the cunt has been known to calm other forces of nature too: in Madras, women were known to subdue storms by exposing themselves. In other folklore, women could drive away the devils, evil spirits and warriors, all through the power and beauty of their cunts. By questioning notions of beauty and the status of women socially and culturally across many religions, and how this affects how the female body is translated across media, Raising the Skirt reclaims the cunt as a powerful tool of assertion.

We will be hosting a Raising the Skirt film and discussion event on Sat 3 Oct, alongside an exhibition in our foyer, running throughout the festival. Raising the Skirt recently formed part of the Wellcome Trust’s Sexology event at The Arches, Glasgow in May.

Testimonials from participants:

“The experience has had a profound influence on my body image, helping me to accept my naked body for what it is: natural, organic, real. I’ve gained a true sense of the word ‘beautiful’ in how I apply it to my own body and female self. I am free and wild at heart, and I’m now not afraid to express it!”

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