RAaW Showcase

Dates and Times

12 July 2014 to 12 July 2014 at 1.30pm and 3pm

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Ticket information

£8 per show

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Presented by RAaw YPTC

We present two 50 minute showcases of new writing, songs and dances, performed by RAaW YPTC Juniors, Foundations and First Years. These not to be missed showcases include a taste of the modern relevant and raw, that will take you on a journey of realizations, high emotions and eve a few laughs.

1.30pm Show: Love Laughs and Lipstick!

A 50 minute showcase of young love and funny frolicks!

3pm Show: The Journey to Adversity and Misadventure.
A 50 minute showcase of highstakes and emotion.

About the company

RAaW YPTC has nurtured talent in the heart of Camden for over 10 years. We attract brave, unique and raw actors with coaches as ambitious and passionate as the people we serve. We select students on the basis of talent and potential, regardless of gender, age, race, marital status, language, cultural, social or religious background or sexual orientation. We offer very affordable actor training and every penny we make goes straight back into building up the training in the course and platforming the students in film and theatre. 

We aim to train down to earth, committed and passionate actors to a level so they can audition and operate in the industry with integrity and professionalism. We also teach actors to believe in themselves for who they are, and the only judgement at YPTC is honest and constructive to nurture the individual.

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