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Sat 25 June at 3.15pm and 7.30pm

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£10 / 8

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3.15pm: Noir, Grit and a ‘Liddle Bid a Bop’

Noir Grit and a ‘Liddle Bit a Bop’, takes us from the smoky nightclubs of 1952 Chicago to the gritty streets of modern London. Combining acting, singing and spoken word, RAaW Juniors will take you on a journey you will love.

7.30pm: Sharp Corners

Sharp Corners asks confronting questions about choices, love and identity performed by a very talented and unique cast of Foundations and First Years. Never taking themselves too seriously, the performance combines not only edgy drama but dark comedy and laugh out loud physical sketches.

About Us

RAaW London is an award winning film and theatre company specialising in a range of genre’s including thrillers, urban, realistic and issue led film and theatre. RAaW also have a very established film and theatre training arm for children and young people and a successful actors agency that platforms our actors into the industry.

For more information please check us out at www.raawlondon.com

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