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Fri 7 - Sat 8 Oct at 6.15pm, 7.15pm, 8.15pm, 9.15pm

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Part of Calm Down Dear, CPT’s unique festival of innovative feminist performance. Catch two shows in one night for just £16 with our double bill offer. Browse the rest of the programme here.

Presented by Eugénie Pastor


Pube is an intimate, 45 minute one-on-one performance that explores our relationship with pubic hair and the reasons that inform the choices we make. During each performance, the participants will collaborate with Eugénie in the making of a unique self-portrait. An occasion to reflect on a part of your body you might not often think about, with a stranger who will do her best to make you feel comfortable.

Part-performance, part-conversation, for one audience member at a time, Pube provides a safe environment, a tailor-made experience where participants have a voice and agency. Together, Eugénie and each audience member make a portrait that is a reflection of how one feels about a part of them that is usually hidden yet meaningful in relation to their identity.

The performance opens a space for a conversation that Eugénie wishes we all had more often. It is not aimed at one gender in particular: it is a conversation she is interested in having with as many people as possible, from as many different backgrounds as possible, she does not judge or advise; but provides a space where we can question our decisions and hopefully make them in a more informed way.

Image credit India Roper-Evans

About the artist

Eugénie is an artist, performer, musician, theatre-maker and university lecturer. She is one half of She Goat, a project with Shamira Turner in which they explore what it means to be each other’s doppelgänger. Eugénie is a member of award-winning company Little Bulb Theatre, and she has extensively toured their performance Orpheus at venues in the UK and abroad, including Battersea Arts Centre and a run at the Royal Opera House in September 2015.

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