Prison Psychologist

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Sun 13 Nov & Sun 27 Nov at 7pm

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Presented by 274 Theatre Production


The Prison Psychologist (Тюремный психолог – RUS) is a verbatim mono drama, a one-woman solo performance based on the play of a renown Russian documentary dramaturge Elena Isaeva’s (‘DOC.tor’, ‘Judith’, etc.) and created by the London based, Russian speaking theatre practitioners: director Konstantin Kamenski and performer Alexia Mankowskaya. The premiere of the performance took place on 26 September 2016 in the programme of XI International Theatre Festival of the Oldest Theatres in Kaluga (Russia). The production has got the special award of the festival and was critically acclaimed as one of the brightest events in the Russian mono drama. On the stage of Camden People’s Theatre Alexia Mankowskaya is performing the Russian version of the production.

Please note: the performance is in Russian only. 

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