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21 - 23 Jan 2020 at 7.15pm

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£12/£10 (concession)

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Presented by Why This Sky

What if it’s all true? Every weird theory, everything you can’t quite see out of the corner of your eye. All of it…. Somewhere, lost in noise, something is sending us a message. All it takes is for somebody to listen. Somebody to reply.

Traveling from deserted motorways to city streets, via daytime TV and message boards, Portents follows those people looking for meaning in the chaos. Those whose understanding of the world is completely altered by what they’ve seen.

Rising above a soundtrack of static and stutters, spanning from pop stars to apostles, Why This Sky presents a story of conspiracy, isolation and religious rebirth.

Supported by Arts Council England.


“Below the soothing babble, backed by solar winds and soft pianos, there’s a jarring dissonance: a sense of something seriously amiss. Portents reads the runes, seeing the rise of conspiracists as a symptom of an anxious and uncertain world – maybe even a sign of some impending apocalypse.” – Matt Trueman, The Fest Mag

“Norland’s writing is delicate and carefully crafted, drawing on very human feelings and a soft tenderness.” – The Mortal Fool




This performance contains swearing/strong language


This performance contains strobe lighting, some sudden loud sound.

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About the company

Why This Sky explores the mundane through the impossible – whether that’s looking at lost ideals through the medium of superheroes or the breakdown of communication through alien conspiracies. Our work is melancholy, poetic and odd. We use electronic sound, quotation, and layered information, focusing on networks of experience over narrative.

Twitter: @whythissky  | Instagram: @why_this_sky 

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