PLEASE LEAVE (a message)

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28 - 30 January 2022 at 9pm (Fri, Sat) 7pm (Sun)

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£12 (£10 concession)

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Featured in our 2021/22 Autumn/Winter Season.  

Our three-month autumn programme features extravagant new talent offering extraordinary new adventures in theatre. Join us! Our new sliding doors are wide open, our new bar is well stocked – and we’ve got a legion of artists here to entertain you…

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Presented by ClusterFlux

Please Leave (a message) is a multimedia performance for the present, stages the warnings of our past, the messages we are sending to our future, and those that never reached us.  On top of the mountain, or right beneath the centre, ClusterFlux, a group of scientists, geologists, spacemen, karaoke superstars and linguistic experts attempt to communicate the danger. It is in a particular location and of a particular size and shape. It is below us and this place is a message. Pay attention to it.

Running time: 75 mins


The company do not believe there is any content to consider.


This performance includes the use of flashing lights, loud noises and strong bass and sub-bass tones.

If you have any other questions or enquiries that are not covered here please do get in touch by emailing [email protected].

About the company

ClusterFlux is an interdisciplinary performance collective based in London. Somewhere between precision and chaos, our practice uses processes of re-describing; examining an idea through as many lenses and forms as possible to make the personal political and the infinite intimate.

Twitter: @flux_cluster| Instagram: @clusterfluxcollective

Upcoming Performances

Fri 28 Jan, 2022
9:00 pm
Sat 29 Jan, 2022
9:00 pm
Sun 30 Jan, 2022
7:00 pm