Playing Latinx

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Thu 7 – Sat 9 October at 7.15pm

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£12/10 (conc.), special £8 conc. for Latin Americans

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Presented by Guido Garcia Lueches in association with Mariana Malena Theatre Co

What does the Latinx identity mean in the UK?
An actor from South America comes to London and very quickly realises he’ll mostly be hired to play exotic characters, so he adapts. He moves, speaks and writes like a Latinx person should. And he starts getting hired.

What lies behind the facade? What does his real accent sound like? Does he even know anymore? Who is the adoption of the Latinx label more helpful for? How does that label interact with the white, BAME, queer labels, or even the my-RP-accent-is-actually-flawless label?

Playing Latinx is a one human show exploring these questions. Merging spoken word poetry, stand up comedy & music, Guido will take us through the journey of constructing a wholly new identity whilst figuring out his place in the UK theatre scene.

Supported by Arts Council England.


This performance contains partial nudity.


The company don’t believe there are any health warnings in this performance.

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About the company

Guido is a theatre maker and a poet specialized in devising performance, who focuses on multiculturalism,identity and the immigrant experience. Their poetry has been published in Invisible Presence: EmergingBritish Latinx Writers, as well as MAGMA Magazine. This is their 3rd collaboration with MarianaMalena theatre company.

Twitter: @ElGuidoGarcia | Instagram: @elguidogarcia | Facebook: elguidogarcia | #PlayingLatinx #LatinxArtUK

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Thu 7 Oct, 2021
7:15 pm
Fri 8 Oct, 2021
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Sat 9 Oct, 2021
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