Passing the Baton 4

Dates and Times

13 December 2014 to 13 December 2014 at 7.30pm

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£12 / 10

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Presented by Snuff Box and Selina Thompson

As part of our [email protected] anniversary strand, Camden People’s Theatre presents Passing the Baton­ – by which ten great artists from CPT’s past select ten new-to-CPT artists for a unique seed-commission opportunity. The projects developed are being showcased throughout the year. This fourth instalment features a double-bill of new work from Snuff Box (selected by ex-artistic director of CPT, Olivia Jacobs) and Selina Thompson (selected by SPILL festival's Robert Pacitti).

Race Cards 2.0 by Selina Thompson (right)

Over the next 1800 seconds, Selina is going to show you how she has taken the act of playing the Race Card, and developed it into a fine art. It's like Snap and Cards Against Humanity and Poker and Solitaire and Rummy and Cheat and Crazy Eights and Whist and 52 Pick Up. It's like Respectability and Bad Hair and Cultural Appropriation and Statistics no one really understands and Privilege and Oppression and Silencing and Fetishisation and Othering. It's like fights on the internet, and more retweets then real friends. It's like language, and society and being a part of a tribe. It's like a game you can't win, but where you can do a bit better each time. 


Race Cards 2.0 is a new piece, and the starting point of a body of work Selina is about to embark on about Black Identity. She's nervous, but also, kind of pumped to get going.

Selina Thompson is an artist and performer based in Leeds. Her work is playful, participatory and intimate, focused around the politics of Identity, and how they come to define our bodies, environments and lives.

What I didn't say… by Snuffbox (headline image)

What I didn't say…

…some things are better left unsaid, some need to be shouted, some are spot on and some are just polite substitutes. 


Holding your tongue, biting your lip, choosing your words – we're all editing what we want to say. But given the chance to rewrite our stories would our mouths be more honest? 

Three people speaking, or not, about the things we didn't say.

"A young company to watch" – The Telegraph


Earlier instalments of Passing the Baton featured all-new work by Beats + Elements, Grace Gibson, Laura Cubitt and Eggs Collective. Other selecting artists in the series include Scottee, Chris Goode, Lucy Ellinson, Gemma Brockis (Shunt) and David Harradine (Fevered Sleep).

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