Paid Fantasist

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Tue 27 Nov - Sat 1 Dec at 9pm

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£12/10 (conc.)

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Presented by Biscuit & Field

In 1978, at the height of his Doctor Who fame, Tom Baker wrote about a day in his life for The Times. What follows is a full-pelt twelve hours of extreme living across grotty, bohemian Soho, filled with supernatural encounters, drugs and booze, near-death experiences, automatic lovers and a disappointing barbershop trio. In 2017, we met in Soho for the first time to talk about making a show based on this article, because we love it. As we talked, to our shock, Baker’s death was announced across reputable news sources. He later responded to what turned out to be an  elaborate  hoax with:  “don’t believe what you read on the internet.”

So what do we believe, Tom? 

In Paid Fantasist, we take that day and use it to explore myths of Soho, and to ask what happens when Baker’s boho gangster paradise is scrubbed clean into a blandified themepark version of itself. Or is that just a myth too? We fuck with time to explore neoliberalism as a fresh hope in 1978, and a crumbling monolith to capitalism now. And, we aim to be the most disappointing barbershop trio you’ve ever seen. 

Tom Baker is an ex-monk, and became the best Doctor Who ever. He was narrowly beaten by Bjork to the title of ‘Most Eccentric Celebrity of All Time’ in Homes and Antiques magazine.  

This production may contain swearing. 


About the Company

Biscuit & Field met at clown school, they were crying into each others eyeballs minutes later. Clown school is intense! They laugh at each other’s jokes, and hope you will too. They don’t like doing forms.  

Rebecca Biscuit makes work as one half of CPT associate artists Sh!t Theatre. Their shows include DollyWould, Letters to Windsor House and Women’s Hour.

Nick Field is happy to be here. 


Image credit: (c) Biscuit & Field

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