[Cancelled] Outside, My Hands Are Clapping

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Tue 24 March 2020 at 7.15pm

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£12/£10 (concession)

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Due to government advice relating to the Coronavirus outbreak, this event is no longer taking place. 

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Presented by Elinor Rowlands

A piece of scripted poetic storytelling steeped in Welsh family history rooted in a mining town (birthplace of Nye Bevan, NHS founder). Recorded words spoken during sensory overload and burnout in bed are played as layered sound and sculpted around emblematic images from nature.

This performance disseminates timely truths from a feminine gaze through autistic movement and neurodivergent vocabulary. It will persistently take you out of stories of childhood and hardship and back to nature; away from the personal and into the universal. A hymn to womanhood, childbirth and old age.


This performance contains references to disabilities ECT and oppressive practices. Recommended age rating: 16+


The company believe this performance requires no health warnings.

If you have any other questions or enquiries that are not covered here please do get in touch by calling 0207 419 4841 or email James, our General Manager on [email protected].

About the artist

Multidisciplinary artist and poet, Elinor Rowlands seeks to facilitate transcendent experiences through rich and dreamy world-building to challenge failing systems. Experiences of exclusion/ oppression run deep in contemporary society. Her film and soundscapes disseminate her unique and unusual hyperactive creativity using rich neurodivergent vocabulary to explore alternative ways of storytelling and being.

www.elinorrowlands.com | Twitter: @magicalwomen1  | Instagram: @eirionedd and @magicalwomen.adhdartists  | #clappinghands #magicalwomen #outsidemyhandsareclapping #omhac #magicalwomenCPT #magicalwomenCPT2019

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