Oh Yes Oh No

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Wed 26 April - Thu 11 May at 7.15pm

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£12 / 10 (£8 on 26 April)

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Part of Hotbed: a festival of sex, running from Tue 25 April – Sun 14 May. Take advantage of our double bill ticket offer, and book two shows on the same night for just £16! Simply add the tickets into your basket, and we’ll do the rest.

Presented by Louise Orwin


Trigger Warning: Please note this show contains descriptions of sexual violence. Please feel free to leave the space if you need to. There is a post-show booklet which we feel is integral to the contextualisation of the performances. Please ensure you take a copy before you leave

I’m about to talk to you about sex, not the sex of cheap mass produced erotica, not the oh-god-oh-yes-oh-no performance sex of porn, not the sex that men want and women aren’t sure if they want it or not because they’ve never known anything else, but real sex, with real bodies. And in this conversation, [almost] everyone is allowed to speak.

This is a show about having sexual fantasies that might not align with your politics. It’s about trying to understand what you want, and wondering how the fuck to ask for it. It’s also about fucking. And wondering how the fuck to make a show about fucking.

Expect home videos, bodice-ripping yarns, keys in the bowl, explicit XXX, your mouth/mine, and a terrible Radiohead cover.

Steady yourself…. OH YES OH NO is taking questions from the floor, and it’s about to answer loud and clear.

“Bold, brave work, and all the better for being filled with the voices of real women who, by speaking out, are staking a claim for their own erotic agency” The Guardian

“Startling and resonant show questioning female desire and its relation to rape culture” ★ ★ ★ ★ The Stage

“Awe-inspiring for its optimism, for the sight it offers of someone trying to do something honest and uncomplicatedly brave in a broken system” Exeunt

“It’s a great piece of theatre and a fascinating performance I’d recommend to anyone who wants and is able to consider those ideas” The F Word

★ ★ ★ ★  LondonTheatre1

OH YES OH NO opens in 12 days. How does this make me feel?” Read Louise’s full blog here

‘On the Pleasures and Politics of Sex’: read Louise talking about the starting point and research behind the show.

‘An extraordinary performer- a magnetic presence’ Carole Woddis, freelance journalist
‘I can’t decide if Louise Orwin is a lunatic or a genius’ West End Wilma
‘[Louise’s work] demands and deserves to be seen’ Exeunt



About the company

Louise is an award-winning writer, researcher and theatre maker. She makes research-driven theatre projects about subjects that are close to home, hard to get your head around, and need to be spoken about. She makes work about what it means to be a woman today, in a fast-moving, media-saturated world.

Her last two shows received great critical acclaim. Pretty Ugly, which delved into how teenage girls interact with the internet today, caused a bit of a media stir in 2014 and was featured widely in national and international press, on the radio (Woman’s Hour, BBCR4), TV (Fusion News, ABC, US), and broadsheet press (Daily Mail, The Telegraph, The Independent). A Girl and A Gun, her most recent show looks at women and violence on film, and has been featured in The Guardian, Vice Magazine, and on the BBC Radio. She is currently touring both shows throughout the UK and Europe.

Louise likes to make work that is provocative and brash, intimate, awkward at times, and generally filled with a heady dose of pop culture. She makes work that gets under your skin, and will stay there days after you’ve left the theatre.

Praise for A Girl and A Gun

‘I think it’s a very clever thing’ Churlish Meg
‘Brims with creativity and conviction’ The Stage

Supported by Jerwood Charitable Foundation, Arts Council England, Live Art Development Agency, Live Art Bistro. Supported by and developed at Camden People’s Theatre.

Image credit Field & McGlynn

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