Oh Yes Oh No

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Wed 26 April - Thu 11 May at 7.15pm

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£12 / 10

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Part of Hotbed: a festival of sex, running from Tue 25 April – Sun 14 May. Take advantage of our double bill ticket offer, and book two shows on the same night for just £16! Simply add the tickets into your basket, and we’ll do the rest.

Presented by Louise Orwin


Trigger Warning: Please note that the show contains strong language, adult content, and descriptions of sexual violence

I’m about to talk to you about sex, not the sex of cheap mass produced erotica, not the oh-god-oh-yes-oh-no performance sex of porn, not the sex that men want and women aren’t sure if they want it or not because they’ve never known anything else, but real sex, with real bodies. And in this conversation, [almost] everyone is allowed to speak.

This is a show about trying to understand what you want, and wondering how the fuck to ask for it. It’s also about fucking. And wondering how the fuck to make a show about fucking.

Expect home videos, bodice-ripping yarns, keys in the bowl, explicit XXX, your mouth/mine, and a terrible Radiohead cover.

Steady yourself…. OH YES OH NO is taking questions from the floor, and it’s about to answer loud and clear.

Supported by Jerwood Charitable Foundation, Arts Council England, Live Art Development Agency, Live Art Bistro. Supported by and developed at Camden People’s Theatre.

‘An extraordinary performer- a magnetic presence’ Carole Woddis
‘I can’t decide if Louise Orwin is a lunatic or a genius’ Jimmy Richards
‘[Louise’s work] demands and deserves to be seen’ Exeunt

About the company

Louise has shown work internationally and all over the UK, in some of the most exciting and diverse venues and festivals. Her work always springs first from a place of vulnerability, honesty and risk, and second from the idea of a chance encounter with a stranger, which is what performance always begins with for her. She is preoccupied with liveness, failure, awkwardness and her own doomed sense of femininity, which she feels imposes cultural limitations on her self and her work. She enjoys playing with these perceived limitations, and stereotypical notions of the feminine in popular culture.

Image credit Field & McGlynn

@louiseorwin | www.louiseorwin.com


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Wed 26 Apr, 2017
7:15 pm
Thu 27 Apr, 2017
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Fri 28 Apr, 2017
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Sat 29 Apr, 2017
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Wed 3 May, 2017
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Fri 5 May, 2017
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Sat 6 May, 2017
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Tue 9 May, 2017
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Wed 10 May, 2017
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Thu 11 May, 2017
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