Of, Or At A Fairly Low Temperature

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Thu 12 Nov to Fri 13 Nov 2015 at 9pm

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£10 / 8

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Presented by Lewys Holt

How much denim do I wear? How many beards do I grow? Does my mum think I’m ‘cool’? Is there literally anything else that matters in life? Are acronyms still ‘in’?

Of, Or At A Fairly Low Temperature is a performance project that examines what is meant by being ‘cool’. It mixes contemporary dance with storytelling and comedy to question what is ‘cool’ these days.

Lewys will play music, dance, dress up, improvise and talk through some issues. Personas will shift, activities will blur and insecurities will be illuminated.

This semi-autobiographical show makes Lewys consider the things that are most important to him: to be ‘cool’ or to be himself, and he will put the same consideration forward to you.

Supported by CPT.

About the artist

Lewys is a freelance dance artist working in North Yorkshire and the East Midlands, UK. His work takes the form of performer, dramaturg, improviser and choreographer.

Image credit : Liam Keown




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