Nothing Special

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Fri 8 March 2019 at 7.15pm

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£12/10 (conc.)

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Part of Sprint Festival 2019, CPT’s annual festival of adventurous new performance, running Tuesday 5 – Sunday 24 March.

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Presented by TomYumSim

Spe-cial| ‘speSHel | adjective | better, greater, or otherwise different from what is usual.

“Sometimes it feels like every young person is becoming an entrepreneur, launching a start-up or crowdfunding an art installation – and it makes me feel like I’m failing” – Pope Francis

Lead by CEO of The Academy for Gifted Individuals, Nothing Special is an interactive self-help seminar where audiences are given the tools to unlock their true potential as gifted individuals. Through the ‘I Made It’ Seminar, Othella (Tom Halls) teaches the 5 fundamentals to becoming your Special self- how to elevate your elevator pitch, how to grow your brain with banana, how to catapult your online profile through insta-masturbation, how to turn your crap into innovation and how to build your own monumental legacy.

Throughout the workshop we meet Chlorine (Simone French) – an aspiring millennial, raised with an inflated ego and unbounded possibility. She’s a TEDx Fellow at the top of the class who’ll give herself permission to shine…

Nothing Special holds up a harsh absurdist mirror, exposing the self-obsessed and narcissistic psyches of generation Y, taking extremely talented people to average heights to save them from unrealistic expectations, and a lifetime of disappointment.

About the company

TomYumSim will borrow your dreams and eat them in their noodle soup. A fantastical performance duo from Australia, they destroy conventional art and rebel against the mainstream. Making fun, physical, frenetic shows they put the audience in the centre of chaos. Tighten your buttocks, pour juice on your chin, I promise my girlfriend, I’m TomYumSim.

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Image credit (c) Adam Ibrahim

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