Notes… on a Love Affair?

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Friday 16th July at 9pm

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£8 (work-in-progress)

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Featured in our Calm Down, Dear Festival: three weeks of blistering performance celebrating the female experience and the fight for gender equality. Click here to view the full line-up.

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Presented by Notes from Underground

Why is it so hard to fall in love?  There really should be a manual for a topic of such supposed importance…right? Can an Asian woman who dates white men navigate the intersectional power play between her and her romantic interests whilst avoiding traditional roles and the standard cliches? How much is compromise and where does individuality and unity begin and end?

These are the intoxicating notes of one woman’s first experiences of infatuation, the perplexing calculations ‘what it all means’ and the inexorable conclusion that the only sane solution is… to relinquish control. Expressed through a blend of gig-theatre and storytelling with elements of movement, Notes from Underground journey into the realms of private wonder, systemic racism, institutional sexism, love and limerence, attempting to find answers to a timeless and impossible mystery.


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About the company

Notes from Underground is a genre-fusion musical project. Drawing influences from symphonic movements, folkloric griots, hip hop breaks and physical theatre they aim to push the boundaries of musical and artistic presentation and embrace the complex spectrum of human experience, whilst integrating elements of movement and storytelling into their projects. |Instagram: @notesfromundergroundmusic | Facebook: @notesfromundergroundmusic | #NotesOnALoveAffair #notesfromunderground

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