This is Not a Magic Show

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Tue 24 - Sat 28 May at 9pm

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Presented by Vincent Gambini

Forget everything you know about magic and magicians.
Now remember it all again.

This is not a magic show is a performance of and about sleight-of-hand magic: its invisible mechanics, its clichés, and what it tells us about live theatre and make- believe. In a conversational yet crafted approach, Vincent Gambini presents astonishing close-up magic that invites us to question how enchantment and wonder are produced within a theatrical situation.

Possibly the first of its kind, Vincent Gambini’s This is not a magic show is part performance-lecture, part deconstructed showbiz, and part magic tricks that leave you, like, omg.

When still a teen Vincent won 1st prize at the Italian Close-up Magic competition, and 2nd prize at the International competition in London. In 2001 he gained entry to the Magic Circle by writing a thesis called ‘Deconstructing Magic’ which, as a title, does a good job at describing his show. In his spare time he writes and makes performance art under the pseudonym Augusto Corrieri.


“This thoughtful, playful and multi-layered piece will make you question how we watch and what we see” ★★★★ The Guardian.

“An alternative low-key magic show… quiet, deliberate and exceptionally controlled” ★★★★ Time Out.

”Take’s apart the clockwork mechanics of wonder in ingenious style” ★★★★ Fest Mag.

“A gentle, cerebral show in which Gambini unpicks both his tricks and our expectations… a tightly constructed piece of performances” ★★★★ The Stage.

Catch This Is Not A Magic Show in a double bill with The Joke (7pm). Two shows for just £16!

About the Artist

Vincent Gambini is an award-winning magician based in London. Over the last 10 years his performances have taken place across Europe, the US, and South America. His speciality is sleight-of-hand with cards and coins, performed at very close quarters. He combines magic with elements of theatre, performance art and spoken word, all to create new forms of deception.

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