How (Not) To Live In Suburbia

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Thu 21 - Fri 22 Jan at 9pm (70mins)

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£12 / 10

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Part of Whose London Is It Anyway?, a festival of theatre, performance and discussion exploring the changing face of our capital city

Presented by Annie Siddons with Richard Dedomenici

Five years ago, in the middle of a shitstorm of life events, single mother, proud Londoner and theatremaker Annie Siddons found herself living in suburbia by accident.

This show is about her gauche and wrongfooted attempts to fit in, the loneliness that ensued, and her quest to cure it. It’s about what happens when you’re a terrible fit for your community and when you make compromises in how you live because you’re a grown-up, even when these decisions are corroding your soul. It’s about trying to connect in a way that doesn’t betray who you are, and how far you’re prepared to go to hold on to your construct of yourself.


Catch How (Not) To Live In Suburbia in a double bill with Talk: The Island: should London be independent? (6pm) or This Is Private Property (7.15pm). Two tickets for just £16!


About the artist

Annie Siddons is a London based and raised playwright and performance maker. Her latest show , Raymondo was described as ★★★★ ‘‘ a rich, wild and precise poetry that breathes a colossal and sometimes angry humanity’’ (Scotsman); ★★★★ ‘‘untamed brilliant writing…an outstanding storyteller’’ (Fest); ‘‘a tale of such vivid sensuality, musicality & heart… unforgettable’’ (Tim Crouch); and ‘‘Annie Siddons is a born writer: sensuous, subversive & sweary. She knows a lot of words & she likes boys too” (Chris Goode).

Suburbia is her first directly autobiographical piece and her first collaboration with Richard, whom she met in Edinburgh 2014. Richard DeDomenici makes work that’s social, playful, political and critical – although rarely simultaneously. He has been shortlisted for the Arts Foundation Fellowship, nominated for the Jerwood Trust Moving Image Prize, and was a finalist in the Oxford Samuel Beckett Theatre Trust Award. He’s performed in 22 countries, and last year made work in Thailand, Japan, Belgium, Hong Kong and Australia. “Outrageous, hilarious but piercing, a sharp critique of modern myth-making” – The Scotsman, 2013. “Thank god for puckish performance artist Richard DeDomenici, the thinking man’s Ashton Kutcher” – The Guardian, 2012

How (Not) to Live in Suburbia was scratched at CPT in June 2015.

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