No Woman’s Land

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Wed 11 - Thu 12 May at 7.30pm

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£8 (work in progress)

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Presented by Zoo Indigo

Please note, this is a work in progress performance

In 1945, at the end of World War II, Ildiko’s grandmother, expelled from her home, walked 350km through the fractured landscape of Europe with her two young children and all her belongings dragged in a cart.

In 2015, Ildiko and Rosie retraced her footsteps, crossing borders, climbing fences, bleeding, crying, blistering, and carrying their flat pack children.

Now the performers walk, fall and stumble on a treadmill, immersed in an environment of archival and original videos and voice-overs. No Woman’s Land is a humorous and moving stagger through landscapes of past and present stories. Visual, physical and visceral, the performance explores the post war apocalypse, migration, home and displacement.

Catch No Woman’s Land in a double bill with 1.9 (7.30pm). Two shows for just £16!

About the Artist

Zoo Indigo is an Anglo-German performance company founded by Rosie Garton and Ildiko Rippel. They create multidisciplinary touring work regionally, nationally and internationally including theatre-based performances, street interventions and interactive site-specific projects. The work stems from an exploration of autobiography, with a focus on the innovative integration of digital technologies. They use humour, popular music and the reprocessing of cultural text to juxtapose the banalities of the everyday with the extraordinary.

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