Matthew Robins vs. The Eyeders

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Thu 10 March at 7pm

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Presented by Matthew Robins

Work in Progress Performance

MATTHEW ROBINS VS. THE EYEDERS is a home-made cardboard science-fiction rock-opera.  A work in progress, I first made a version of this a few years ago and now I’ve started working on it again, I’ve made whole new EYEDER puppets, written twice as much material and had to re-make all the puppet photo-collage versions of myself as I’m 5 years older.  It’s performed live on stage with me (Matthew Robins) singing and performing with my band and the visuals created live on stage with puppeteers combining cut-out collage sets and puppets, 3D Eyeder puppets, back-projected animations and real-life footage of extras running through the streets of London filmed especially for this show – and then projected onto a big screen.  It’s kind of like my own home-made DIY version of a rock music arena show, but made out of cardboard and with a smaller audience and with no lasers.

The show tells the story of an invasion from Space of giant mutant spider-type monsters – part spider / part eyeball –  that become know as the Eyeders.  They are attacking the citizens of our planet, and for every human they attach two more Eyeders are created, from their eyes!  It’s a kind of b-movie science-fiction inspired plot.  However, Matthew Robins (me) is cycling home from work and somehow works out a way that he thinks he can stop them, in a plot that involves an uprising of spectacle wearers and a visit to Wandsworth tip to find some old recycled television sets.

Part of Sprint Festival 2016: London’s biggest and best festival of the newest, most adventurous theatre from across the UK and beyond.

Catch Matthew Robins vs. The Eyeders in a Triple bill with Walk with MeDeclining Solo on the same evening. Three short shows for just £18!

About the Artist 

Matthew Robins is an artist and musician from the West Country.  Matthew regularly tours with his band, performing songs and combining shadow puppets, live-animations and short films to tell stories about animals, death, monsters, the ocean, and love.

Recent work includes making animations for Tori Amos (The Light Princess), Phil Collins (Tomorrow is Always Too Long) and a new permanent installation for the Science Museum in London.


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