Magnum Opus

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Thu 2 - Sat 4 August at 9pm

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Part of Camden Fringe 2018: London’s Alternative to Edinburgh Fringe. To view the rest of the programme, click here

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Presented by Leo Mates

Expect to be moved. Expect to be thrilled. Expect bears. So many bears*. Hector Dunderbridge, world-famous playwright, author, and bee wrangler, is unveiling his latest, greatest, show: a white-knuckle ride into the dark heart of humanity, and a search for the true meaning of Orlando Bloom**. Over the course of an hour, Hector will perform his new production, whilst also looking back over the shows that made him famous, including such hits as: ‘The Bears and the Bees’, ‘Punctuation: the Musical’, and his seminal work ‘Hector Eats an Entire Box of Pastries Live on Stage Whilst Crying About His Life Choices’.

This brand new character comedy show comes from writer and performer Leo Mates, best known for performing improv with Monkey Toast UK, being a founding member of comedy troupe Amorphous Horse, and for once appearing on BBC’s Pointless and winning some money there.

*Two bears.
**Show may contain traces of Orlando Bloom.


About the Company

Leo Mates is a comedian, actor, and writer from London. He is best known for his work as an improviser, and
can be found performing on the house team of improv school ‘Monkey Toast UK’, as well as his comedy
troupe ‘Amorphous Horse’, of which he is a founding member.

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