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Tue 27 Sep at 9pm

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£8 (work in progress)

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Part of Calm Down Dear, CPT’s unique festival of innovative feminist performance. Catch two shows in one night for just £16 with our double bill offer. Browse the rest of the programme here.

Presented by Lumo Company


The “actress” is sick of men getting all the good parts. In this show, one woman, Heidi Niemi, will take over all the roles in Macbeth. She knows the lines, she knows sword fighting, she has a horse, she’s ready! The only reason to make this show is to get stage time, get famous and get absolute dominance! It’s going to be Heidi, Heidi, Hail Heidi! Heil Heidi!….oh, and also a sound dude/prop guy/musician /prompter (Gus Kennedy Jacob).

About the company

Lumo Company is a physical theatre and contemporary circus group, started by Finnish actor Heidi Niemi and circus artist Hanna Moisala. The company has come together with the need to create innovative and expressive art, with physical and visual expression being the power and the source of their work.


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