Love Explosion & Crunch (Double Bill)

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Sun 20 May & Sun 15 July at 6:15pm

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Presented by Imprology

Improvisation Double Bill – drama, comedy, tragedy and more…

Love Explosion

Take part or observe while a string of courageous volunteers from all walks of life improvises onstage for two minutes with a random partner. They have total freedom to do whatever they want so long as it is completely unplanned, and the support of an in-house improvised orchestra. It’s Love Explosion! Now in its 6th year.


Bored with endless repeats of squeaky-clean improv formats?  Watch unusual, enchanting, tragicomic, trashy, dramatic and absurd stories come to life from your very own suggestions (that’s a good few hours worth of bragging rights). Warning: might contain swearing, conflicting opinions, sudden death and acrobatics. Also, the director and some performers are citizens of nowhere who shouldn’t be approached at the bar.

About the company

Imprology is an improvisation training outlet created in London in 2006 by Remy Bertrand, with a physical and mindful approach. It is open to actors as well as non-actors, including people who have no wish to perform but a thirst for growth. It exists outside the comedy improv sphere, somewhere comfortable, between the arty-farty and the happy-clappy. Since 2006, it has helped thousands of people find their voice and each and every one of them had a unique experience. | Twitter |  Facebook | #LoveExplosion #Crunch

Upcoming Performances

Sun 20 May, 2018
6:15 pm
Sun 15 Jul, 2018
6:15 pm