Off Season: Love Explosion & Crunch (Double Bill)

Dates and Times

Sun 23 Feb & Sun 12 Apr at 6.15pm

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Ticket information

£5 (£3 Love Explosion participants)

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Presented by Imprology

Improvisation Double Bill – drama, comedy, tragedy and more…

Love Explosion

Take part or observe while a string of courageous volunteers from all walks of life improvises onstage for two minutes with a random partner. They have total freedom to do whatever they want so long as it is completely unplanned, and the support of an in-house improvised orchestra. It’s Love Explosion! Now in its 6th year.


Bored with endless repeats of squeaky-clean improv formats?  Watch unusual, enchanting, tragicomic, trashy, dramatic and absurd stories come to life from your very own suggestions (that’s a good few hours worth of bragging rights). Warning: might contain swearing, conflicting opinions, sudden death and acrobatics. Also, the director and some performers are citizens of nowhere who shouldn’t be approached at the bar.

Price for both shows:
£5 online – £7 at the door
Price when you volunteer to take part in Love Explosion:
£3 online – £5 at the door

About the company

Imprology is an improvisation training outlet created in London in 2006 by Remy Bertrand, with a physical and mindful approach. It is open to actors as well as non-actors, including people who have no wish to perform but a thirst for growth. It exists outside the comedy improv sphere, somewhere comfortable, between the arty-farty and the happy-clappy. Since 2006, it has helped thousands of people find their voice and each and every one of them had a unique experience. | Twitter |  Facebook | #LoveExplosion #Crunch

Upcoming Performances

Sun 23 Feb, 2020
6:15 pm
Sun 12 Apr, 2020
6:15 pm