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3 Dec at 7:30pm

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Part of our Autumn 2018 programme. Browse the full season here

Presented by Barrel Organ

LIVE is back. A scratch night curated by Barrel Organ; presenting experimental and non-traditional work from under-represented artists that specifically acknowledges the presence of the audience and plays with the ‘liveness’ of theatre. 

Expect a night of bold, experimental and uncompromising work that tackles a wide range of issues, agendas and ideas. 

Previous nights have included work from Ellie Stamp; Council XI; Jules Orcullo; Claire Gaydon; YESYESNONO (Total Award Winner’s 2017 with 5 Encounters on a Site Called Craigslist); This Noise; Joseph Morgan-Schofield; and many more! 

The Line Up!

Shakera Bibi & Nihaarika Negi – Some Asian Country
Satirical concept that seeks to open a rigorous dialogue about the intersection of art, race and popular culture and the unfathomable effect that has on identity as seen through the eyes of the “Panda diaspora”.

Dan de la Motte – From The Message Boards
An interactive take on Daily Mail message boards and what it means to be normal.

Sahera Khan – Am I Dulhan (Bride) Yet?
A Muslim woman who is seeking for marriage and wants to propose to a Muslim man, however to her surprise a Muslim man proposes to her first but does she accept or not?

Is_Land Theatre Company – ID: Infinite Descent 
A multimedia and verbatim performance exploring how identities form, framed by the intricate geopolitical situation of Taiwan and Hong Kong; regions shaped by post-colonialism and a complex relationship with China.

Rebecca Brewer and Daisy Chute – COVEN
A live theatre concert retelling of the story of the Pendle Witch Trials.
This production may contain nudity and strong language. 


About the Company

Barrel Organ is a UK-based touring company founded in the West Midlands that works collaboratively to create politically engaged theatre. We are proud to be associate artists at Camden People’s Theatre. 

Our style is inherently, self-consciously theatrical. We draw attention to the context of theatre and highlight the audiences’ relationship to their surroundings. We create pieces that engage with the audience and ask them to interrogate various aspects of twenty-first century culture. | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | #LIVE9

Image credit: (c) Barrel Organ Theatre

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