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Sun 12 June at 7pm

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£12 / 10

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Double billed evening from 2 new theatre companies performing two brand new shows. Age guidance 12+

Mr Candela
presented by Rooted Moon

“Look at how a single candle can both defy and define the darkness.” Anne Frank.

Mr Candela is a tale of a small town and its plummet into darkness. Once a happy inventor who entertained the town with his facinating light inventions , Mr Candela’s life and the future of the village takes a turn when he accidentally starts a fire in his workshop where his wife is. Devastated by this course of events, Mr Candela locks away all of his inventions and himself into darkness for many years. The town struggles to relight their lives and bring  happiness to the village once again, until one day everything changes with the help of an unexpected young wanderer.

Rooted Moon began in 2015 as a festival that took place in Sardinia, breaking down language barriers through theatre. We then decided to use the same ethos when devising for our show which we will take to the festival later on in July. Mr Candela is a simple piece of storytelling, incorporating many different theatrical elements including; puppetry, original music and colourful characters that can be enjoyed by all.

presented by CAPATARO

A play that lives within the mind.

In this current time, where we all seem to suffer from an eye disease that makes us incapable of seeing what is really happening with the world, it is necessary that we apply the right treatment so that we may truly see how we are destroying both our environment and selves.

Your eyes are the hidden camera that we place in the cells of imprisoned revolutionary women of 2016. They submit themselves to a daily ritualistic behaviour in an attempt to hold on to their firm beliefs and humanity in this confined minimalist prison. But as time passes will they be able to stop their memories and identities from decomposing.The constant fight to deter madness from invading their minds by discussing their mourning for the world is futile and only speeds up their delirium.  This piece of new, devised theatre is designed to provoke an empathy for the state of our world today and hopes to inspire a positive reaction from it’s audiences; to act with a sense of urgency.

Glaucoma aims to bring light to social and environmental issues of today’s world and challenge the passiveness of its audience in their daily lives.

The play is aimed at a younger generation, though the message is inclusive and universal. The production is devised and written by CAPATARO, a trio of World Performance graduates that produce inter-cultural, original and visceral work to provoke thought, thus engineering change. The production has been created using devising techniques with original writing and music. Drawing on the various Wold Performance styles and techniques explored at East15, CAPATARO embellish their work with influence from forms such as Japanese Butoh, Kandol, Bharatanatyam, Balinese dance-drama, African storytelling and music, Suzuki, Kalaripayattu, Mask, Kekac and Puppetry.


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