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Wed 8 March at 9pm

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£8 (work in progress)

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Presented by Katrine Turner

LATENT DREAMS is about the Apocalypse. About the rising sea waters, and the invisible plagues. About when Cillian wakes up from his coma, and there’s no one about, so he breaks into a vending machine for a can of coke. And about when man and boy wander into a supermarket on the side of The Road, and there’s no one there. So they break into a vending machine for a can of coke. Inspired by the quote “it’s easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism”, LATENT DREAMS is about the futures we allow ourselves to envision.

Using the frame of Hollywood films, LATENT DREAMS unravels the inherent capitalist ideologies embodied in popular concepts of the Apocalypse. It involves a solo performer typing a ‘plot summary’ of a disaster film, which is rewritten and rewritten, erased, repeated and deleted throughout the performance. The text is humorous, occasionally poignant, often misspelled and always human.

LATENT DREAMS aims not to provide a solution, but instead open a dialogue on imagined futures, and alternative systems.

LATENT DREAMS was conceived as part of the MLitt Theatre Practice at the University of Glasgow. It was first performed at the Gilmorehill Theatre, Glasgow, in September 2016.

Image credit – Katrine Turner

About the artist

Katrine Turner a glaswegian artist creating contemporary performance, through writing, devising and collaboration, often using new media, film and audio. She recently graduated from the University of Glasgow in MLitt Theatre Practice with Distinction, where she was the College of the Arts Bellahouston Scholar 2015/2016.

Katrine has been selected to perform LATENT DREAMS at English Theatre Berlin’s annual festival Expat Expo | Immigrant Invasion: A Showcase of Wahlberliner on Sunday 2 April. | @katrine_turner

Audience Feedback

From ‘Only Skin: Scratch Night’ at The Poetry Club, Glasgow (July 2016)

“Hilarious. Simply. Apocalypse.”

“Really promising! Brilliant in typing the plot summary and pairing with soundtracks.”

“Funny and cool and playful and cathartic. 
Love the typing live.”

“Having watched these films over the years. I enjoyed the satire.”

“I enjoyed the faux naivety of the storyline about Jake in apocalyptic New York. It was quite sweet and funny, and there was a lot of warmth and goodwill in the room, which was all created by the performances on stage.”

This is a work-in-progress performance, and the show is still in the process of being created. There is an opportunity for you to feedback to the artists, which will be used to further develop the piece. 

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