Interchangeable Bodies

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Thu 16 March at 9pm

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£8 (work in progress)

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Presented by Louisa Claughton

You’re invited to come and play for a while, to retrace our steps and try to work out how we got here. Is it as simple as pink and blue? And if it isn’t then where did that come from? This piece isn’t about finding the answers. It’s about exploring what we personally think the answers could be. Exploration with curiosity, openness and playfulness

Interchangeable Bodies is about figuring out what gender means to us, where these perceptions come from and how they shape us.  A huge amount of what we do and experience uses male and female, masculine and feminine, as a starting point. In this performance myself and the audience will explore what these terms mean to different people and how we as individuals relate to them (or don’t).

This performance is shaped by the people who take part in it. It will continue to develop every time it is performed. The perspectives shared in the show come from participants, audience members and myself. This show is not here to tell you what to think. These people have shared their lived experiences and honest feelings, and hope to encourage you to take a moment to think about yours.

Image credit – Louisa Claughton

About the artist

Louisa Claughton makes work that is shaped by the audience. In each performance she aim to take apart an element of day to day life and see how it works, or if it works. Above all she try to make work that is honest, curious, and playful. Her work often incorporates elements of stand up, spoken word, visual and live art. 


This is a work-in-progress performance, and the show is still in the process of being created. There is an opportunity for you to feedback to the artists, which will be used to further develop the piece. 

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