Inertia: Prelude to Twiceful Mind

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Sun 3 Dec at 6pm

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Presented by Twiceful Mind

Through an immersive audio-sensory experience, which will combine digital, installation art and live music, Twiceful Mind will create a unique live interpretation of their first release, ‘Inertia’, in collaboration with artist Black Lune.

Containing movement within stasis and meditative freedom within structure, the installation and accompanying visuals, created by motion designers Monica Presti and Andrea Stragapede, provide evocative visual interpretations.

The project aims to provoke a dialog between disciplines, bringing strangers together while delving deeper into popular music through orchestral and electronic arrangements.

‘We aim to bring music lovers to an art exhibition and museum-goers to a live gig’

The night will comprise two live performances and the premiere of the music video for Twiceful Mind’s first single, ‘INERTIA’, which is available to stream and download on all major online music stores.

Doors open at 6pm.
Support from Disparo and Detox from Grey. Music starts at 7pm!

About Black Lune

“With open eyes and an open mind I want to stretch the boundaries of design and recreate the way we think about objects and adornment”

Black Lune designs laser-cut and hand-cut rubber jewellery, accessories and interior installations. Inspired by visual patterns in everyday life, striking architecture in cityscapes, as well as nature’s wonderful patterns, Black Lune creates extra-dimensional illustrations designed from reconstructed and cut-out photographs. | #IntertiaPrelude

About Twiceful Mind

Comprised of a raw, yet soulful, vocal power and intuitive production and arranging, Twiceful Mind combine songwriting sensibility with performative intensity. Innate connection makes their roles inseparable, manifesting creativity in their every endeavour and blurring boundaries and genre. Their voice will echo between the ears, equal parts joyous and provocative. | @TwicefulMind | #InertiaPrelude

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