I Want To Make Grown Men Weep

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Monday 31st May at 12pm and on demand until Sunday 6th June

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Featured in Sprint Digital, one week festival of spectacular, shape-shifting online performance featuring live-streams, audio projects and on-demand viewing for those with a taste for the new and unusual. Click here to view the full line-up.

Presented by Theodora van der Beek

If boys don’t cry, do they dry up? Or do they become clammy beings, their insides soggy, festering in the rancid juices of their own unshed tears?

Aimed at those identifying as male but open to anyone who owns or can get hold of an onion, an invitation to journey down the rabbit hole within and explore your personal relationship to crying. A poetic audio wandering around science, psychology, gender politics and art that hopes to contribute to the eventual tearing down of the patriarchy, drip by drip. Best experienced alone, this show asks you to recover the dark art of self-healing through exuding salty liquid from your eyes and revel in the curious power and joy of being vulnerable.

I Want to Make Grown Men Weep will be available to access on-demand between Monday 31st May – Sunday 6th June. If you book prior to start of Sprint Digital, a link to access the audio experience will be sent to the email address you book with no later than 12pm on 31st May.


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About the company

Theodora van der Beek makes performances that challenge the gender binary and explore the mechanics of power and privilege. Mischievous, joyful and messy, her work delights in the bleakness of the human condition. Supported by Arts Council England.

‘Brilliantly understated comic with the punk spirit of the Sex Pistols.’ – (Scotsman)

 www.tdbeek.com/  | Twitter: @tdbeek| Instagram: @tdbeek| Facebook: Theodora van der Beek | #tdbeek

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