I got dressed in front of my nephew today

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4 June 2015 to 5 June 2014 at 9pm

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£10 / 8

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A work-in-progress performance presented by Feral Foxy Ladies

A riotous, atypically sexy and messy hour of entertainment, I Got Dressed is a barefaced exploration of the bizarre and comic complexities behind the act of getting dressed, inspired by the questions of a 2.5-year-old boy.

Baring bodies and awkward truths, we expose our beauty ‘secrets’. Help us to unpack the dressing ritual of ‘The Female’ using Boots, Beyoncé and some Very Upsetting Arithmetic. Featuring awkward letters, sarcastic projection, questionable dance, diabolical makeovers, and candid recordings of two young nephews. 

I Got Dressed – first scratched at CPT's Calm Down, Dear festival in 2014 – shines light on the disparity, instilled from infancy, between the body image of girls and boys; the staggering financial/temporal impact of beautification; the battles between ego and insecurity, empowerment and oppression; the emotional costs of our daily self-mortifications; and the domino effect these have on future generations.

Deconstructing the director-performer relationship as part of the act, we bring Marx, Butler & Beyoncé to the stage with us and involve them in our embarrassment. Sampling everything from pop culture to phenomenology, we attempt to re-claim agency over idealised bodies; no we did not Wake Up Like This.

About the company

FFL is formed of Claire Stone and Katherine Vince, who met on CSSD’s Advanced Theatre Practice course. We share a hunger for feminism and performance. Claire brings food (for thought); Katherine gives it stomach and legs.


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