Hotel Bastille

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14 July 2014 to 14 July 2014 at 9pm

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Presented by Urban Foxes Collective 

Urban Foxes Collective radically remix HOTEL BASTILLE by Nicola Baldwin. Four rock girlfriends stranded in a Paris hotel wait for a taxi to the after-party. In 1789, eye witnesses describe storming the Bastille, and the start of the French Revolution… Celebrate Bastille Day in style. Get wasted, perform magic, rob a shop and overthrow the monarchy…. Liberty, Equality, Sisterhood!

Urban Foxes return to CPT after their explosive contribution to Calm Down, Dear festival of feminism.

About Urban Foxes
Urban Foxes are an all-female performance collective interested in subverting female roles. Nicola Baldwin is a playwright previously commissioned and produced by the Royal Court Theatre, Manchester Royal Exchange and Sheffield Crucible. Urban Foxes have never worked with a script, Nicola has never worked with a performance company. Until now


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