Hotbed Big Bang #3

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Mon 8 May at 7.15pm

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£12 / 10
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Part of Hotbed: a festival of sex, running from Tue 25 April – Sun 14 May. Take advantage of our double bill ticket offer, and book two shows on the same night for just £16! Simply add the tickets into your basket, and we’ll do the rest.

A Hotbed special edition

Our regular night of works in progress returns for a series of three special editions, exploring the themes of the festival. This event will include the following performances:

Sex in Real Life by Madeline Shann

After various mishaps, misunderstandings and overdue revelations, I could not help but take the countries’ feckless attempts at sex education personally, and felt it was time to intervene.

Navigating the world of sex in the age of (mis)information, Sex In Real Life (excerpts) reimagines sex ed for the 21st century with brutally honest writing, explosive physicality and anarchic comedy.

This is a frank, funny and furious show about the things you’re not told and have to find out the hard way. About living up to the hype.  About being who you are and figuring out what you want. | @madelinedances

Just Don’t Do It by Beside Ourselves Collective

Modern female sexuality and Christianity, are they as uncomfortable bedfellows as they appear to be?

Beside Ourselves Collective’s premiere devised production is a tragi-comedy exploring the Church’s approach to sex, celibacy and female sexuality. Assimilating survey responses on this topic with our own experiences as lifelong church-goers this show gently exposes the myths behind the Purity Movement and its effects on the women in its grasp.

Join two clowns delving into the confusing, the painful and the funny in asking is ‘Just Don’t Do It’ the sum of what the church has to say about pre-marital sex.
Created and performed by Kate Mounce and Eleanor Young | @BsideRselves

Ma, Am I Good In Bed? by Double B Theatre

Some things you should only ever say to your sister.

The Duffy girls grew up in a sexualised world. They wanted to be sexy. They wanted to be good at sex. When they got to the age where they actually started having sex they quickly realised they were neither sexy, nor particularly good at it. To their dismay, the world of sex was bloody complicated. From the bizarre to the beastly, the Duffy’s revisit their sexistory in unabashed, unfiltered detail. Ma, Am I Good In Bed? is a hilarious and honest conversation between two sisters who just really fucking need each other. | @DoubleBTheatre

Binary by Philippa Mannion

Quantum computers, unlike most computers, aren’t limited to binary bits (which are always 0 or 1); they use qubits (which can be 0 and 1 at the same time).

Our world is full of possibilities and potentials. So many people and different combinations and positions. An exploration of polyamory, bisexuality and threesomes, with a bit of computer science on the side. | @mannionaise

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