Camden Underground: Here Comes The Sun [2018]

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Mon 24 - Tue 25 Sept at 9pm

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£8 work-in-progress

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Presented by Joseph Morgan Schofield

< did you hear that camilla paglia thing >
< i was spat at in the street 3 times yesterday >
< she says the move towards transgenderism historically occurs as civilisation is starting to unravel >
< nobody loves me and the suns gonna kill me >
< im not gonna wear a dress tomorrow >
< fuck camilla paglia > 

an anthropocene queen rises from a polluted wasteland + the earth groans, hooked on an iv drip they told us was JUST high pressure water + its skin cracks and breaks + that genderquake was a 6.8 on the richter scale + im tired + scared + lonely

this is ritual for transformation, and survival

reimagining the ancient nordic practice of seiðr [think queer viking sex magick] as a contemporary rite, with a fresh dronescape by nat norland, here comes the sun is an attempt to work thru eco + gender anxieties + construct new histories + imagine a different future + queer the apocalypse

this is a work-in-process by performance artist joseph morgan schofield

Supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England and by ]performance s p a c e[, Mother’s Ruin, and PILOT Nights.

This production contains nudity.


About the company

Joseph Morgan Schofield is a live artist. They use ritual to interrogate grief, trauma and memory. Through performance, they seek to make space for personal and communal transformation; to effect social, political and emotional change; to celebrate indecency, aberrance and difference; to survive; to make it through the damn day.

Joseph is the co-curator of FUTURE RITUAL and has recently undertaken an extensive residency period at ]performance s p a c e[ (Folkestone). | Twitter | Instagram | #HCTS

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